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This Digi Portfolio Grew By $74,545 In One Week!

Discover A Transparent, Automated Bitcoin Trading Platform That Will Have Proof Of REAL Trading Manned By REAL Successful Traders.  Plus A Comp Plan That Produced MILLIONS For Top Leaders Previously!
Make Sure You Read This....
We have been trading in the financial markets since 1999.  We started trading stock options and by 2003 moved into the foreign exchange market.

We love trading the financial markets!

Recently someone in our following approached us as they have been trading in the Bitcoin markets for roughly 3 years.

In that time, they have quietly built a tidy fortune.  As a matter of fact, the week of May 21, their trading portfolio increased by roughly $150,000 FOR THE WEEK.  I saw this with my own eyes!

We have been following his lead and trading ourselves.  In our first two weeks, we had NO LOSING TRADES and our account grew by 60.5%

We will soon introduce our Bitcoin Trading Mentor to our audience to the few that will actually want to learn how to trade the markets.

But we know that most people will never take the time to learn the trading skill set.  Most just want an auto-piloted approach where they never have to take the trade.

BUT.... we also want to know that the trading results are REAL and not just fabricated returns.

The challenge we see in the Bitcoin Trading space now is most, if not all, companies that say they are trading in Bitcoin.... NEVER SHOW ANY REAL PROOF OF TRADING!

Further, there are many PONZISH Bitcoin offers that are popping up all over the place enticing people with returns of 6%, 7.2%, 10% daily, etc....

When we first came on the internet, we got suckered into these type of High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPS).

I don't even want to tell you the 10s of Thousands of Dollars we lost trying to make the quick buck. With just one HYIP we lost over $30,000 in capital. That was just one!

After the rise and fall of the Revenue Sharing Models (Zeek Rewards, GoFun Places, JubiRev, etc...) OUCH... it hurts just mentioning them....

After those types of models died, we have focused on companies that we believe are long term and have far less regulatory scrutiny.

So though we have positions in some of the other Bitcoin Trading Platforms, the fact that they have not really shown me real trading proof, we have not promoted any of them with any fervor.

We know a fortune can be made in Bitcoin Trading.... but we want an automated platform for my audience that has REAL TRADERS and shows REAL TRADING PROOF!

This is why we are passionate about sharing the upcoming trading platform that promises to provide WEEKLY PROOF of real trading activity.


We have been a part of a company called Ads Cash for close to two months.

We joined because they have their own digital currency and it started out at just 2.5 cents a coin.  

We are a  part of another network where they launched their own digital coin.  That coin started out at $.03 and eventually that coin went to $.53 a coin.  That was 16X our money at it's height.  

So we thought.... maybe that can happen again.  So we joined as a pure coin play. Their coin won't start trading on an open exchange until 2018.  

But our thought was to just accumulate some coins for the potential appreciation.

The one thing we started to notice about Ads Cash is the owner was very visible.  He wasn't hiding.  He communicates daily with well written emails.

He is actively in the company's Facebook Group where there are over 65,000 members.

The company has a number of actual physical locations and is looking to add scores more.

Well, on Friday, May 19th, just after I had taken great joy in looking at some of my closed positions  (trades that closed for a profit when I was in my sleep...)... I got this email from the owner of Ads Cash:

The Message Directly From The Email:

On Lines Of Taking Ads Cash Circulation And Usage To Next Level ,
For The Past few days we have been very very busy as we were in final stages of negotiations with a Private Trading Company Who Collectively manages A Trading portfolio of over $100 million of high networth individuals in Crypto Currency Trading Space and are known and proven to deliver up to 300% returns and more on investment !

At this point in time we have brought them over and their traders will be joining
our team shortly which leads to my next topic!

In 2 weeks from now approximately we will start the biggest prelaunch which
Internet Will probably ever see in the crypto currency trading space.

We created waves with ads cash launch as we went from scratch to over
400k members in less than 45 days.

This time we will double or triple the numbers and easily cross over
1-2 million members in the new platform.....

All of you awesome adscash people will have your data imported as it is
along with your teams and you will be able to start marketing the new
system moment it is live side by side marketing your  current ads cash system.

Treat it like another sales funnel which sells automated done for you trading
and hence will easily double and triple incomes of everyone
involved here!

This new platform will offer done for you automated crypto currency
trading solutions where our team of experienced traders will trade
and split profits with everyone involved.

We will be having daily numbers and proofs from various trading accounts which we have in our portfolio in millions of $$$ which will showcaseto the world that this is real trading happening and not some fake gimmick unlike many other trading MLM ventures out there...

We will also be posting weekly videos and take users inside our trading account  portfolio's and show to the world what's happening.

Exciting times ahead! .....  (and there was more)


Now I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

The trading will be performed by REAL Successful Traders.

Here are some screenshots of some of their current clients:
This particular account is with an exchange called Kraken.  This is one of the exchanges our Trading Mentor recommends.  An exchange in the Bitcoin Markets is like an Online Stock Broker in the Stockmarket.

This account is closing in on Bitcoin Millionaire Status as it has a value of just under $800,000 Euros.
We know this exchange very well.  This account is traded on an exchange. called Poloniex.  This account double in value in just a few months times going from 1.1 Millon to 2.2 Million.  REAL TRADES!

This account is traded by one of the traders known as Mr. X.  Mr. X focuses on longer term trades.

Below is another message sent to us by the owner introducing us to one of the traders that will be trading for the auto-trade platform.
Hopefully you are starting to comprehend why we are passionate about sharing this with our audience.

There is a KICK BUTT compensation system that we haven't even discussed.  As your team of auto-traders grow their accounts, your commissions will grow.

The model this company is using generated MILLIONS in commissions for the field with a previous venture.  In time we'll share more about the commission side of things.

For now, let's get you connected with the person that referred you to this training as we are pre-building even before the pre-launch.

You will join the person that referred you into Ads Cash.  This is so you are part of the geneaology as the Ads Cash geneaology will be ported over to the trading structure.

Immediately after you have registered to join Ads Cash for FREE, you will be able to send this same video out to your audience with your Ads Cash link to get them solidified in your organization.